Laredo Association of REALTORS® Committees

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® is also made up of various specially formed committees that are used to advise the Board of Directors. If you feel you could be an asset to the association please see the various committees below.

Executive Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Executive Committee & Organizational Structure handles the overall administration, structure, staffing and documentation (e.g. constitution, mission) that guides the organization. Most bylaws allow the Executive Committee to make emergency decisions and to take care of issues that arise between board meetings. The executive committee is usually composed of the elected officers plus one or two key leaders — for example, the past president or the chairman of the convention committee.

Finance Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Finance Committee oversees the treasury of the organization, as well as its financial instruments, budgets, controls and reports. It is often chaired by the elected treasurer. It should submit a proposed annual budget for board approval and may undertake fundraising projects.

MLS Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® MLS Committee oversees the organization's Multiple Listing Service, which shall be subject to the Bylaws of the Laredo Association of REALTORS® and such rules and regulations as may be hereinafter adopted.

Membership Development Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Membership Development Committee targets audiences for membership, successfully enrolling new members while retaining current members. Specific, quantitative goals and deadlines for enrollment and retention should be set by the president or the committee chairman. It should regularly review the organization’s membership strategies.

Member Services & Benefits Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Member Services and Benefits Committee coordinates the tangible and intangible benefits that members receive by joining and supporting the organization. It should establish (1) that there is a member need for the service, (2) that the service is unique and available to members only, and (3) that funds are available to cover the administrative costs of the service. It may enlist outside sources and providers who meet these criteria.

Affiliate Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Affiliate Committee refers to the committee representing and composed of affiliate members. The committee should provide valuable opportunities for affiliate members and make sure they have a voice in the organization.

Awards Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Awards Committee implements programs to recognize members who contribute beyond the usual efforts. The more thorough the plan, the more distinguished the awards. It may also handle fundraising efforts for scholarships.

Communications & Publications Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Communications and Publications Committee refers to the communication network developed by the organization to keep members and prospects abreast of the organization’s activities. It maintains newsletters, magazines and other communication tools that reach members and prospects.

Public Relations Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Public Relations Committee handles communications to the targeted audiences of the organization, who are generally prioritized in the order of: (1) members, (2) prospects, (3) allied organizations, (4) government, and (5) general public. It may be responsible for reviewing and updating publications and acquiring meaningful articles for the newsletter.

Governmental Affairs / TREPAC Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Government Relations Committee reviews proposed laws and rules, taking timely action to support or oppose issues that affect the organization and the profession. It organizes efforts to block unfavorable regulations and support favorable laws in state agencies and in legislature, and often retains a professional lobbyist.

Education Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Education, Seminar and Convention Committee takes responsibility for meetings sponsored by the organization. With the assistance of staff, the committee should plan cost effective, profitable events that further the professional goals of the organization’s membership. The workload handled by this committee may require establishment of subcommittees — e.g. “trade show” and “continuing education credit” committees.

Ethics Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Ethics Committee is concerned with image of the organization and the actions of its members. Committee may monitor member actions, handle complaints and enforce a code of conduct. Consumer education also may be a responsibility of the committee.

Bylaws Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the governing documents of the organization, and for recommending proposed changes when necessary. Often the elected secretary is the committee chairman.

Nomination & Elections Committee

The Laredo Association of REALTORS® Nominations and Elections Committee reviews and makes recommendations about individuals who are qualified and willing to serve on the board of directors. It ensures that the organization continues to operate smoothly during transitions of the organization’s elected officials, and may be asked to present written and verbal reports to the membership.

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